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East Meets West: Yoga for Anxiety

June 09, 2018

This workshop combines western psychology and the eastern perspective, bringing you the best of both worlds.


Anxiety is a normal human emotion that we all experience. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to understand and work with your own anxieties using movement, reflection, and teachings from both eastern and western perspectives. Michael Peterson will offer exploration and teachings that draw from his background in Buddhism, Yoga, and meditation. Katherine Ross Ph.D will offer teaching and healing practices from her training in Counseling Psychology.

This workshop is open to all experience (and anxiety) levels. Details coming soon! 

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I provide private workshops for workplaces, schools, and other organizations/groups on a variety of topics. All presentations are grounded in research and designed with your specific group in mind. A few examples of presentations I have given in the past are:

  • Time Management & Organization

  • Preparing for College

  • Healthy Relationships

For more information about fees, scheduling, and how we might work together, contact me directly. 

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